Thursday, January 12, 2017

Profilin allergen

Profilins are present in almost all eukaryotic ells. They probably function as important mediators of membrane-cytoskeleton communication.

Profilin is the major allergen present in birch, grass, and other pollen and is found in Toxoplasma gondii as an essential part of host cell invasion.

It is a monomeric, largely cross-reacting 12-15-kDa actin-binding and cystoskeleton-regulating protein. Allergenic profilins are found exclusively in flowering plants and are minor pollen allergens. Profilins can be responsible for allergies to almost all kinds of plant food and all pollen species.

Antibodies directed against profilin are highly reactive. Several studies have shown that only 10-20% of patients with pollen allergy are sensitized to profilins, but they react to a broad range of inhalant and food allergies.
Profilin allergen
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