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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

GMP and sanitation of production plant exterior

Failure to inspect the exterior areas of a food plant could lead to serious consequences. Often, infestation issues can be traced directly to conditions that exist in these areas or a system failure.

Not only is proper sanitation necessary for prevention, but it is also an effective way to control and eliminate infestations. Sanitary design starts outside the facility, and the exterior of the facility should lend itself to sanitary conditions with the facility.

The plant exterior must be held to the highest sanitation standards possible. Allowing weeds and landscaped areas to grow unmanaged can result in substantial rodent population flourishing at the threshold of the premises.

The removal of food and water resources stresses populations, making traps and baits more effective.

Residual oils and grease also render many insecticides ineffective. This goes hand in hand with the plant sanitation, training, and inspection programs.

The inspection of the exterior area should include the ground along the immediate building exterior. Exterior surfaces such as floor, walls, and ceilings should be constructed of approved food grade materials, which are smooth, impervious and easily cleaned.

These surfaces should be constructed in a way to prevent or attract soil, pest, insects, and microorganisms.

Also inspect the ground as far out from the building as necessary to identify unwanted conditions such as water sources, habitats conducive to pest activity, or undesirable practices by personnel.

Exterior out-of -sight and hard-to-reach areas such as dock leveler pits, dumpster voids, and bone yards are especially important to keep clean.

Maintain waste storage areas in a sanitary manner to control pests and for aesthetic reasons. Clean all spills promptly,

The building exterior must be kept in good repair to help control environmental conditions with the plant and restrict pest entry. The roof must have good drainage and be kept in good repair to prevent leakage of water into the building.
GMP and sanitation of production plant exterior

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