Friday, February 24, 2017

Use pesticides safely

Pesticides are toxic to both pests and humans. However, they need not be hazardous to humans and non-target animal species if suitable precautions are taken.

The pesticide residues on crops at the time of harvest are usually less than the tolerances. Residues decrease during storage and transit. They are reduced further by operations such as washing, peeling and cooking when the food is prepared for eating.

Pesticide labels are the most important source of information when using pesticide. The information on pesticide labels is put there for user protection.

Pesticide labels are legal documents and the user are required to follow the directions of these labels. Any violation of the label instructions is a violation of the law.

Most pesticides will cause adverse effects if intentionally or accidentally ingested or if they are in contact with the skin for a long time. Pesticide particles may be inhaled with the air while they are being sprayed. An additional risk is the contamination of drinking-water, food or soil.

 Every effort should be made to reduce operational hazards to a minimum. That such efforts are effective may be reflected the fact that farm accidents involving pesticide chemicals are insignificant in number when compared with farm accidents form use of mechanical tools.
Use pesticides safely
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