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Food safety can be defined as the “the avoidance of food borne pathogens, chemical toxicants and physical hazards, but also includes issues of nutrition, food quality and education.” The focus is on “microbial, chemical or physical hazards from substances than can cause adverse consequences.”

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


A wide variety of chemicals, known as weedicides, are used in the control of weeds. Weedicides, also known as herbicides, can be applied to soils or sprayed on weeds to kill them. They are grouped according to their mode of action.
*Contact weedicides
*Systemic weedicides
*Selective and non-selective weedicides
*Pre-emergent weedicides

The chemicals are used in clearing area of forest for building new residential or industrial colonies, highways, rail roads, weed-c0ntrol in agriculture, horticulture and in forest management.

Overuse of harmful weedicides in crops leads to intake of harmful pesticide by unaware consumers.

Weedicides are highly potent chemicals that enter human food chain and then begin to increase in their concentrations at successive trophic levels in the food chain.

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