Sunday, January 16, 2011

Physical Hazard in Food Safety

Anything foreign to the food can be considered a physical hazard. Dust, dirt, hair, metal shavings and broken glass, for example, are items foreign to the original food and are considered harmful.

Physical hazards can enter a food product at any stage in its production.

There is huge variety of physical items that can enter food as foreign material and some of these are hazard to food safety.

Physical hazards include:
*Broken glass and crockery – it could cause an injury or choking of swallowed.
*Metal fragments and other objects that accidentally enter foods
*Foreign objects

The sources of physical hazards during food manufacturing and processing usually fall under one of the following categories:
*Incoming raw materials
*Processing equipment
*Failures in prerequisites programmes

In the past year, advances un technology have brought improvements in physical hazard control with the improved of metal detector capability, x-ray detection and vision sorters.

Improvements will continue and business should in the alert for new improved equipments.
Physical Hazard in Food Safety

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