Thursday, November 29, 2012

Naturally occurring chemical hazards

Chemical contaminants associated with food may be naturally occurring or may be added during the processing of food, may cause acute food poisoning symptoms or intoxications.

Naturally occurring chemical hazards include mushroom toxins, undercooked red beans and honey made from rhododendron nectar.

Naturally occurring chemicals also can be found in some species of fish such as scombroid, ciguatera, puffer fish or shellfish such as molluscan lobster and red rock crabs.
Red kidney bean

Chemicals that occurs naturally in foods can cause illnesses. Mycotoxin, an aflatoxins, is a harmful chemical produced by fungi growing on such foods as grains, nuts and milk.

The naturally occurring substances in foods include the nutrients that have limited toxicological properties when consumed as part of the diet.

However, some naturally occurring substances are potentially hazardous including both naturally occurring constituents of certain foodstuffs and naturally occurring contaminants.
Naturally occurring chemical hazards
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