Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Toilet rooms in food processing area

Rest-rooms or toilet areas must be designed with sanitation in mind. Toilet rooms should have walls and ceiling of a smooth, washable, light colored surface and floors constructed of impervious and readily cleanable material. Separate toilet rooms with self-closing doors that do not openly direct to processing area should be provided for men and women workers.

Toilets rooms should have wash bowls with hot and cold running water, soap dispenser, paper towels, and containers for refuse. The toilet rooms and fixtures shall be kept clean and in good repair.

Toilet facilities should be well lit, ventilated and well kept in a hygienic condition at all times. Special considerations include making sure that toilet areas are vented to the outside of the plant by a fan is always running or is running when the lights in the room are on. It is suggested that the minimum air flow should be 35 cubic feet of air per minute for each water closet or urinal.
Toilet rooms in food processing area
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