Sunday, February 25, 2018

Personnel facilities: Eating at the production plant

Proper ventilation of the production plants provides a healthy environment for its personnel. There must be rest rooms for the personnel while hand-washing stations should be adequate and accessible.

Lunches and snacks shall not be eaten in processing, packing or supply rooms. If personnel are to eat lunches at the plant, a room separate from other rooms, including locker rooms, should be provided for this purpose. It should be confined to a specific area of the plant.

This room should be kept clean and sanitary, and also free of insect. The latter are particularly a problem in beverage evening machines, where spills an excess syrup may attract cockroaches, ants, and flies.

Infestations within vending machines are not unusual and the contract vendor should be made aware of his responsibilities with regard to the sanitation of his machines. Drinking fountains also should never be located in toilet rooms.
Personnel facilities: Eating at the production plant
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