Sunday, April 29, 2018

Uniform for food personnel

Food workers are required to maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness and wear suitable clean clothes, and, if necessary, protective clothing.

All personnel working in food processing or utensil-cleaning areas should be provided with clean outer uniform daily.

In the work place, all personnel must use protection clothing/uniform which must have the following characteristics:
- Light coloured
- Always clean and in good state
- Should not have exterior pockets
- Should be regularly changed
- Should cover the whole body
- Should be made of wash resistant material
- Should only be used in the work place

Uniforms, aprons and garments should be clean at the beginning of each shift and changed regularly when necessary. Uniforms or aprons should not be worn outside the food-preparation area.

Remember that the protective clothing particularly for “high care” work areas should never be worn outside the production area. The operatives must change out of it when leaving their work area even when visiting the canteen.

Hair must be protected with a cap, hat or hair net. Bobby pins should not be used to help keep the cap, hat or hair net in place, since these may fall into the food.
Uniform for food personnel
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