Sunday, January 27, 2019

Facilities auditing in food safety

Auditing is a key management system by which periodic checks are made at various levels of depth to ensure ongoing conformity to company policies and procedures and to develop corrective actions where deficiencies are found.

All facilities must be audited on a periodic basis to ensure that they are operating to company standards and that all of the CCPs are being monitored as required, with all deviations and dispositions of deviations recorded.

Facilities or functional areas can be selected by a number of methods; for example, random selection, potential hazards, or the importance of the facility in terms of business considerations.

Example of facilities assessment are *Check walls, floors, ceilings and other surface for stardard of construction, design, maintenance and cleanliness. *Check that the illumination is appropriate, the temperature is sufficiently low if needed and the air is free of moisture and dust.

Audits of facilities that store and handle reactive materials will be essentially the same as process safely audits for other facilities handling hazardous materials.
Facilities auditing in food safety
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