Friday, May 21, 2010

Microbiological Risk Characteristics

Microbiological Risk Characteristics
Hazard A
A special pass that applies to non-sterile products designated and intended for consumption by at risk populations, e.g., infants, the aged, the infirm, or immunocompromised individuals.

Hazard B
The product contains “sensitive ingredients” in terms of microbiological hazards.

Hazard C
The process does not contain a controlled processing step that effectively destroys harmful microorganisms.

Hazard D
The product is subject to recommendation after processing before packaging.

Hazard E
There is substantial potential for abusive handling in distribution or in consumer handling that could render the product harmful when consumed.

Hazard F
There is no terminal heat process after packaging or when cooked in the home. Applies to food product as used by consumer.

Microbiological Risk Characteristics

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