Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Reduce the Risk of Chemical Hazards

*Implement Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point systems in segment of the food production chain.

*Implementing administrative type control measures.

*Store cleaning chemicals in a separate room from food. Do not leave cleaning chemicals near food preparation areas.

*Store chemicals in their original containers. Do not store chemicals in food containers.

*Use only food-grade, commercial foodservice containers. Try to reduce the risk by eliminating unnecessary chemicals replacing with a less hazardous one.

*To design and install engineering controls to reduce or eliminate employee exposure (enclosing equipment, installing more efficient, automated equipment)

*Put distance or shielding between the substance and the worker. Prevent the dangers associated with chemical from reaching the worker.

*Change gloves and wash hands after cleaning and sanitizing work areas before returning to food preparation duties. Reducing the risk of physical hazards:

*Use a commercial, food-grade plastic or metal scoop with handles to scoop ice. Do not use glasses to scoop ice.

*The selection of the chemical substance should be made at the design and planning stage.

*Store toothpicks and other non-edible garnishes in separate areas from food storage and food preparation areas.

*Remove staples, nails and similar objects from boxes and crates when food is received.

*Wear hair restraints. Follow unit policies and procedures for wearing jewelry and nail polish.

*Make it a general practice to walk through the kitchen, storage areas, refrigeration units, etc. and identify potential hazards. Review your menu to determine where potential hazards may occur.

*The most efficient way to reduce chemical hazards is to avoid using toxic substances or substances that pose risk of fire or explosion.

*Provide general and local ventilation to remove or reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants such as fumes, gases, vapors and mists.
How to Reduce the Risk of Chemical Hazards

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