Thursday, February 02, 2012

Salmonella in milk

Compared with other pathogens on the family Enterobacteriaceae, the reservoirs of Salmonella encompass a greater variety of warm and cold-blooded animal.

Salmonella species may be found in milk, and have been implicated in milkborne disease.

All Salmonella so far can be killed by properly applied pasteurization. Many other heat treatments that are common in the production of milk products, are believed to be able to kill Salmonella.

Heat treatment of milk should be complemented by good hygiene and correct operating –practices at all stages between producer and consumer.

The second highest risk milk product after raw milk is cheese. Many S. enterica strains are capable for surviving in cheese even ones with a relatively low pH such as Cheddar.

Outbreaks of milk borne infection including Salmonella associated with contaminated to inadequately heat-treated milks products have been reported in North America.

In 1985 according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, sixteen thousand confirmed illnesses of salmonella infection which traced to 2 percent milk from a single dairy plant in Chicago Illinois.

An outbreak of salmonellosis reported in Canada and the US in 1993 affected three infants following the consumption of powdered infant formula milk contaminated with S. Tennessee.
Salmonella in milk

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