Thursday, May 07, 2015

Year of 1999 Salmonella outbreak in United States

Salmonella serotypes are the leading cause of foodborne disease outbreaks with known etiology in the United States.

*In 1999, a commercially distributed unpasteurized orange juice traced to a single processor that distributes widely in the United States was linked to an outbreak of Salmonella serotype Muenchen in 15 states and Canada. All together, more than 200 cases were indentified during this outbreak and more than 20 were hospitalized; none died.

*In the same year, melons were involved in an outbreak where Salmonella Enteriditis caused 82 cases of disease in the United States.

*June 1999, another salmonellosis outbreak was detected when to state health departments (Washington and Oregon) recorded clusters of diarrheal illness associated with one serotype of Salmonella.

In the subsequent investigation, a total of 298 cases of infection caused by the same serotype were reported across 15 states and two Canadian Provinces.

*Also in 1999, Salmonella muenchen was responsible for a multistate outbreak of salmonellosis traced to contaminated alfalfa sprouts. This outbreak implicated a specific seed lot from a supplier in Tennessee who supplied growers in Wisconsin.
Year of 1999 Salmonella outbreak in United States

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