Friday, November 22, 2019

The sixth principle of HACCP – to establish procedure for verification

The process of verification involves taking sufficient steps to ensure that the procedures set out in the HACCP plan are working in practice and in particular that the critical limits are sufficient to ensure that the identified hazards are controlled at critical control points.

Verification procedures for HACCP plans are critical because these activities demonstrate that the written HACCP plan is able to control the appropriate hazards in the product, and that the HACCP plan is being implemented as written.

The Codex guidelines define verification as “the application of methods, procedures, tests and other evaluations, in addition to monitoring to determine compliance with the HACCP plan.”

The primary components of verification are:
*Critical Control Point (CCP) verification;
*HACCP system verification; and

HACCP system verification involves those activities that go beyond the written plan and, thus, apply to its implementation. The U.S. NACMCF definition is more detailed: “That element of verification focused on collecting and evaluating scientific and technical information to determine if the HACCP plan, when properly implemented, will effectively control the hazards.”

Although it is complex, the proper development and implementation of the verification principle is fundamental to the successful execution of the HACCP plan. The purpose of theHACCP plan is to prevent food-safety hazards, and the purpose ofverification is to provide a level of confidence that the plan is based onsolid scientific principles, is adequate to control the hazards associatedwith the product and process, and is being followed
The sixth principle of HACCP – to establish procedure for verification

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